"Help me do better in school. That makes the biggest difference."

Classweaver is a teaching assistant that helps both students and teachers succeed in the classroom.

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Kids told us

Our solution


Turbocharging learning outcomes in primary school classrooms. 

We get really passionate when it comes to school.

In the poorest neighbourhoods and villages, completing your education makes the biggest impact on kids lives and futures. But far too many students are falling behind right at the very beginning - and they never catch-up.

96% enrol in grade one

16% graduate grade 12

How is it happening and why are kids so afraid

We stop kids from falling behind in the first place

What is Classweaver

Classweaver is a teaching assistant for primary school classrooms.


A super affordable subscription service that works with existing local teachers to help them run their classrooms.


We’re not trying to get rid of teachers, we’re giving them superpowers. Because together we can create the classroom India's kids need to succeed.

A day in the life of a teacher. See how Classweaver works and transforms the classroom.

What's Included
Everything students and students need in one package

A dual language (Hindi & English) kid powered curriculum covering every primary school subject.

A subscription includes textbooks, instructional materials, workbooks, exercises, activities and resources created alongside kids growing up in India’s urban slums and customized to their lives and how they learn.



 Technology gives us the ability to be virtually present in classrooms all across India.


A subscription starts with content and then goes far beyond, becoming a daily assistant which helps both teachers and students succeed.


Powerful analytics that enable teaching in each classroom to be at exactly the right level.


Daily testing, marking and analysis by Classweaver that pinpoints exactly what students have learned and where they're stuck.


An adaptive curricula that responds to this data and updates the next days lesson to fix the problem before moving forward.

Fixing the biggest problem in education. 

The problem now isn't that India doesn't have enough schools. It does. They're just not working.

Classweaver plugs into these existing classrooms . On average we double how much kids learn in class getting them back on track and pasting - fast.

The Classweaver Effect

India's Learning Crisis

We know how kids learn.

We're not the first group of education mavericks who've set out to fix the classroom. What's different about us?

We've spent over nine years working with tens of thousands of kids all across India. 

We are extremely good at collaborating with young people to deeply understand and together come up with creative and effective solutions to their problems. 

We've applied this student-centred design process to classweaver, working with kids (and their teachers) to design practical solutions that work in the classroom because they come from the classroom.

Learn About our History

This is where you come in.

This is a moon shot - an idea about how to solve a gigantic 'you can't fix that' problem. We're already well off the ground. We have data and results. Now we need to grow, to help more kids.

Classweaver is a social enterprise. A subscription isn't free but at between one to three dollars per student per month it is affordable enough for every classroom in India. Our goal is that at scale we can make the platform sustainable.  

But we need your help getting to that point.


We need partners to adopt our initial classrooms - To help us to develop and scale the platform and subsidizing the cost of our first classrooms. 

Together  we get a classroom full of kids back on track while also building a lasting solution that will change primary education all across India.

Adopt a Classroom

Get 30 kids back on track today. Help us build the solution that will help 300,000 tomorrow. 

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classweaver is a project of the JumpStart Design Lab.

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